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          Levelling,Cut-to-length Line
          Slitting,Recoiling Series Line
          Pinching leveling machine serie…
          Cold-bend steel,Colored steel c…
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          Our company who are specialized in manufacturing slitter &leveller series,has more than twenty years history. Specializing in the production Cut to length line, leveling machine, cold roll-forming machine and other products. .We are a well-known enterprise in the industry. The machines are sold all over the world and exported to the United States , Spain, South Africa, Saudi Arabia Arab Emirates, Indonisia, Vietnam, Burma, Kazakhstan ,Peru ,Lithuania, Russia... [more]
          We hold a cold-formed steel industry standard authorized meeting!  
          The Mid-Autumn festival celeration to show stuff s… [2010.11.16]
          Excellent bascket skill of our stuff in the rest t… [2010.11.16]
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         Address:Feng quan road 25,Fangqian,New
         Manager:Xu Zhenwei
         Tel:0510-88278888 88279999
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         E-mail:sale @ wx-yd.com
        Pinching Leveling Machine Series Slitting,Recoiling,Leveling,Cut-to-length series Line Slitting,Recoiling Series Line Slitting(edge-cutting),Recoiling,Leveling,Cut-to-length series Line leveling,Cut-to-length Line

        Cut to length line is characterized by a highly reliable mechanical properties, high-quality smoothness and accuracy of the fixed-length, high-quality cut, neatly stacking, friendly interface, easy and simple maintenance.

        cold roll-forming machine used in making stainless steel sheet and strip components.

        leveling machine can be widely used in black and nonferrous metals such as pipe diameter or tapered rod straightening. leveling machine for tubes, bars, continuous production line, heat treatment production line, bar, and forging production lines and pipes, bars, finishing lines.

        cold roll-forming machine leveling machine Cut to length line
        Jiangsuyuanda machinery techinology CO.,LED
        Address:Feng quan road 25,Fangqian,New District,Wuxi,Jiangsu,China Tel:0510 -88278888 苏ICP备06033775 号